5 Things to Expect in a Rehab Centre

Thankfully, there is more discourse about rehab centres, addiction, and mental health in general

however we still have a long way to go in terms of removing the stigma surrounding these issues. One way to do this is to openly discuss these issues and the environments surrounding them. So, today we'll be discussing 5 things you can expect at a rehab centre such as Open Minds Rehab North Wales. 

  1. Types of Rehab - There are four main types of rehabilitation. 

        The first is inpatient treatment which is the more known rehabilitation type. Inpatient treatment entails the patient living in the hospital for 28 or more days under very structured and supervised care.

        The second type is residential treatment. In residential treatment, the patient will live in a non-hospital/clinic setting and receive the same level of supervision and care of inpatient treatment.

        The third is called recovery housing. In recovery housing, you live in a temporary housing setting with others and join a specialised group treatment program.

        The fourth type is called outpatient treatment. In this case, the patient stays at home and visits the rehab centre frequently for sessions. 

  1. Secure Environment - In a professional rehabilitation centre there are no loopholes. If you struggle with addiction there will be a detoxifying treatment. It is quite tough especially once the withdrawal symptoms hit but it is worth it. 
  1. Specified meal times - In rehab centres there are usually specified meal times because recovering addicts often have poor relationships with food, therefore they will be required to eat a balanced diet to aid in recovery. 
  1. Group sessions - With the exception of specialised treatments, patients will attend group sessions to discuss their feelings in a safe environment with people who understand what they've gone through. This can be quite cathartic. 
  1. No social media - In rehab centres, phones, and social media are often prohibited to reduce the external influence that may hinder progress and rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation centres have gotten a bad reputation through the overdramatization present in movies. It is certainly not that dramatic. It's often quiet and serene as that is the best environment for recovery.

 If you or anyone you care about struggles with drug or alcohol addiction and needs a rehab centre in North Wales, contact Open Minds rehab, North Wales for an excellent rehabilitation program.